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  • Epicuria Architectes
    Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (94)

    School group Anne Sylvestre

    Emblematic building on the scale of the district and the city, this white concrete setting and colored filters establishes its public character, vector of knowledge for all within a newly restructured district.

    The project is part of a vast development operation on the heights of the city, including the project to establish the metro-cable terminus. On the street, the elementary school has a building façade that extends on both sides of the plot around a heart of open island open for the moment on agricultural landscapes but eventually on the future terminus of the Téléval cableway. This establishment makes it possible to strongly mark the entrance of the school group and to affirm the public character of the equipment. It also makes it possible to integrate acoustic constraints in a double objective: to protect children from external noise pollution (road traffic and proximity to airways) and to protect future residents from high sound level during the breaks. The facades are made of prefabricated white concrete panels with colored embrasures that give this elementary school a unique treatment. All the facades are punctuated by vertical elements. At the back of the building these vertical elements are made of polycarbonate blades that make up a colored filter.

    Finally the roof is vegetated. On this roof is placed a white concrete slab pierced with large circles from which emerge large trees. This roof is a fifth facade, visible from all the surrounding buildings.

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    2016 – Construction of a school group including 6 kindergarten class and 9 elementary class
    3 340 m2
    7 M€HT
    Delivered in 2016
    Project management
    City of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges
    Epicuria Architectes, lead architect / AAA, associate architect
    Environnemental profile
    HQE approach without certification, RT2012 -20%
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