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    Valenton (94)

    Gérard Roussel Gymnasium

    Part of the new district of Val Pompadour, the Gérard Roussel gymnasium actively participates in the redevelopment of the district, holding a strong identity. The integration into the environment has been at the heart of our architectural approach, proposing an identifiable public equipment that is largely open to the outside, that the inhabitants can easily appropriate.

    This project is a real element of animation and redevelopment within the neighborhood. It carries a strong identity for the city and is visible from Rue Jean Jaurès and Avenue Julien Duranton. The programme foresees the creation of an approved sports hall for regional handball competitions with stands with a capacity of 250 seats, a fitness room, of bodybuilding and administrative premises for the departmental handball committee in order to satisfy the needs of the schoolchildren and sportsmen of the city.
    This sports equipment is therefore a continuation of the work initiated by the city of Valenton, in particular for the new Jean Jaurès school and a multi reception structure.

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    2016 – Construction of a sports hall, fitness and weight room
    2 960 m2
    4,6 M€HT
    Delivered in 2016
    Project management
    City of Valenton
    Epicuria Architectes, lead architect / Atelier Dubuisson, associated architect
    Urbaine de Travaux
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