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  • Epicuria Architectes

    We create public, educational, cultural and sports facilities. Clarity, brightness, functionality : this is what we stand for.

    The Agency

    The agency’s philosophy is based on the maximum versatility of all team members. Each architect is in charge of at least one operation whose evolution he follows, from the design to the reception of the works. Studies, competitions, construction sites, everyone can put themselves at the service of each other as a project evolves, thus enriching the skills and experience of all. By promoting constructive competition and a genuine involvement, this methodology ensures the quality of projects.

    Building together

    Jean-Michel Buron

    Jean-Michel BURON, certified architect, created the Epicure Architectes agency in 1999, having previously practiced in liberal for a few years, as a contractor but also as a programmer. Great-grandson, grandson and son of teachers, he comes from a family dedicated to teaching and for which education is a fundamental good. A transmission that nurtured his commitment to public service and his vocation to build places of knowledge that elevate the spirit.


    Christel Buron

    Administrative and Financial Director

    Chloé Heurton

    Development Officer

    Lionel Bousquet

    Head of agency – Architect DPLG

    Isabelle Viguier

    Assistant Chef de projet

    Rémy Blaché

    Architect DPLG

    Katia Jannès

    Architect DPLG

    Victor Tsu

    Architect HMONP

    Nelly Bodrero

    Architect HMONP

    Jérémie Ray

    Architect HMONP

    Anouk Jourdren

    Architect DE

    Camille Rousseau

    Architect HMONP

    They worked with us

    Maxime Tirehote

    Perrine Declerck

    Hwa Suna Chung

    Anne-Gaël Launay

    Céline Bourgeois

    Angélique Mathias

    Fabien Luis

    Karla Vandon

    Jordane Coquart

    Mila Abou-Rjeili

    Idoia Arrazola

    Marvin Rosier

    Antoine-Marie Preaut

    Radia Filali

    Mélodie Chantrel

    Fanny Lévy

    Joan Sanz

    Jaouida Zehou

    Yann Goubin

    Gaëlle Martin

    Clara Decuyper

    Aurélie Durand

    Fabien Barthelémy

    Claire Lafforgue

    Charles Mannenc

    Carlos Villanueva

    Charles Frandon

    Cindy Girard

    Fabian Gutierrez

    Karim Andary

    Roham Chafaï

    Renaud Matthieu

    Leätitia Amans

    Victor Tsu

    Anna Dudanova

    Noémie Desjonquières