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  • Epicuria Architectes

    A committed architecture

    A right to beauty for all

    We are convinced that architecture is at the service of citizens and the common good.

    Our architecture is rooted in the belief that our buildings are at the service of the citizen and the common good. Our projects reflect the values and world view we stand for. We are concerned with promoting the well-being, the exchanges, the elevation of the spirit.

    For us, a successful project is one that the inhabitants can appropriate. We do not demonstrate, we show without ostentation that an appropriate response is the results from a true listening of the needs expressed and from a well-posed problem. We favor the comfort of use, we provide wide traffic axes, conducive to encounters, easily identifiable thresholds and a logical and intuitive articulation of spaces, so that everyone can feel good in it.

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    Architectural attitude

    Reconnecting people to nature

    We build bright, inspiring buildings in dialogue with nature and the elements.

    Nature is at the center of our architectural design, tamed in the form of landscaped courtyards and patios, magnified in light buildings treated as walkways, or prows of vessels or green roofs. Water – fountains, ponds – is a source of inspiration, soothing, meditating, dreaming. The use of wood or adobe, reconnect humans to the earth and matter. The light, the landscapes, enhanced by large openings, provide well-being and comfort. Our style is characterized by balanced volumes and an assumed reduction of the palet. It focuses on the play of shadows, lights, transparencies to offer a genuine space aesthetic. Our buildings adapt to their environment, feed on the intelligence of a place, its culture, its climate, the specificities of its soil.

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    Building for future generations

    Weighted and sustainable, our buildings fit neatly and soberly into a wide variety of contexts. We are committed to our responsibility to the territories and to future generations.

    We seek to respond without unnecessary gestures to the programs and to the needs expressed. Our buildings are part of very different urban, social and budgetary environments but they all have in common a great functionality. For us, each project must adapt to its context and find its economy in both the means and the techniques used. The approach is global, concerned as much by the high environmental quality (HEQ) as by the evolution of a realization over time. How will a building age, evolve, adapt? These issues are the focus of our reflection. Our balanced, sustainable interventions are clearly and soberly placed in a wide variety of contexts, considering the act of building as a responsibility towards the territories and future generations.

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