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    Claire Bretécher school group

    Designed as a bird’s nest, this building integrates with the landscape and is part of a new eco-neighborhood to value and protect.

    The project shows the will to densify, revitalize and urbanize a new eco-district while preserving its identity and biodiversity. It sets the tone. It is part of a vast urban development operation, the Doulon-Gohards joint development zone, valuing 100 hectares of preserved natural area with the return to production of four urban farms. The school complex is thus the foundation stone of the New Doulon – fertile city, voted in 2016.

    How can we minimize the impact of plant heritage while erecting a building that promotes the neighborhood, open to the outside but also functional? The school complex was conceived as a bird’s nest integrated into the landscape. Built from larch wood, it is structured and ‘woven’ on two levels around a small, entirely preserved wood and two large, planted playgrounds, veritable landscapes to be inhabited within the school enclosure. The nursery playground, planted with trees, is made up of play areas, fixed play equipment and mobile play equipment. A green area and a low wooden fence separate it from the elementary playground, which is also fully landscaped and features wooden benches and structures. Educational gardens have been designed at the heart of the project, at the interface of the two courtyards. The timber-framed playground surrounds the courtyards. It creates a protective space for the children, sheltered from the sun and rain.

    The facades are the protective limit to adjacent tracks and prevailing winds, while allowing visual escapes. Such provisions ensure great safety for children while protecting local residents from noise nuisances. The base of the building is made of polished stainless steel to reflect the light and landscape. The floor is composed of a wooden cladding animated by a tangle of curved blades. This visual effect makes it possible to «float» the first floor, evoking lightness and poetry. The vegetated roofs, visible from future equipment and neighboring housing, contribute to the building integration in the site. A virtuous building with regard to the environment, saving in energy, carbon and operating costs.

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    2019 – Building of a 6 kindergarten class, 10 elementary class, une Outsourced Teaching Unit (UEE), a school canteen and a recreation centre
    4 102 m²
    8,7 M€HT
    Delivered in 2022
    Project management
    City of Nantes
    Epicuria Architectes
    EGIS Bâtiment / ACOUSTB / BEGC
    In separate parts
    Environnemental Profile
    Label E+C-, level E4C1
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