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    La Fontaine du Roy middle school

    Located in the historic domain of Château Thierry, on a site with an exceptional plant heritage, in the heart of town, the middle school enjoys a great visibility from the public space and becomes a major urban landmark.

    The massing, the ornamental elements and the chosen materials are all intended to integrate the building into its environment. The existing building is extended by a linear building that marks the entrance to the middle school and has a front built on the street. This extension, which fits into the existing building’s massing, also removes the monolithic aspect of the original building.
    The facades have vertical polished aluminum blades that give a rhythm, a more dynamic reading of the building, while integrating it smoothly into its environment by reflecting it. The millstone wall is preserved and belt the site. Memory of the place, it interacts in harmony with the limestone blocks on the facades of the extension.

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    2020 – Refurbishment of a secondary school for 600 pupils, including ULIS premises, a restaurant and staff accommodation
    6 448 m2
    20 M€HT
    Winner in 2020 – Under construction
    Project management
    Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council
    Epicuria Architectes
    global performance market with BOUYGUES, group leader
    Environmental profile
    HQE approach without certification objective
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