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    Jean Lolive middle school

    The construction of the middle school is part of the urban renewal of the eco-district of Pantin station. A district with a rich historical, social and urban heritage, now in full rediscovery and re-appropriation.

    The new Jean Lolive College is the first major public facility in the Pantin station eco-district. Located on a former land of the SNCF, it fits in a place full of history and an industrial heritage to magnify. It also comes to enhance this new district of Greater Paris and offer to its students, always more numerous, an inspiring place, conducive to study to replace their old school obsolete and too small.

    Similar to a large docked ship, the building is built all in length but bends into a taut curve for more lightness and to go for the best views and light.

    Its architectural language is based on a renewed and purified vision of the form as well as on the taste of the simple material, treated nobly.

    Its zinc and brick façades, two materials very present in the town of Pantin, are punctuated by their sets of patterns and details: moucharabieh, tablets of lights above the windows, elongated and glazed bricks. They offer the building a delicate and sensitive design.

    Nature, brightness, functionality, sources of inspiration and well-being, are at the center of our architectural proposal.

    Terrace, suspended garden, playground, gym, documentation and information centre, combine the sets of the ground unevenness to magnify the site and offer students views over the vegetation and the neighborhood. Inside, the classrooms are bathed in light. The circulations, the stairs, the corridors are pierced by large openings overlooking the sky, the view, the landscape. Finally, a solar chimney, allows to ventilate naturally the dining room of the students, offering a high quality of renewal of the air and a true comfort of use.

    A global approach for this college at the service of young people but also concerning the high environmental quality (HQE), the aesthetics and the evolution of the building in time and in the neighborhood.

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    2022 – Building of middle school for 700 studends including a school canteen and staff housing
    6 490 m2
    17,5 M€HT
    Delivered in 2022
    Project management
    Seine-Saint-Denis Departemental Council / SEQUANO Aménagement
    Epicuria Architectes
    In separate parts
    Environnemental profile
    HQE approach without certification objective
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