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    Champigny-sur-Marne (94)

    Lucie Aubrac middle school

    This college is part of the urban renewal of the neighborhood. Designed as a protective islet, with healthy and renewable materials, it offers optimal comfort of use for its users.

    The reconstruction of the Lucie Aubrac middle school in Champigny-sur-Marne is part of the urban renewal of the neighborhood. Taking environmental issues into account in the design process of a building has social, economic and ecological implications that go far beyond the scope of the operation. The architectural concept is entirely based on a global approach combining comfort of use, energy savings and use of healthy and renewable materials, in a short, medium and long term perspective. First, we sought to protect the middle school from visual and noise nuisances in the immediate environment. It seemed obvious to us to create buildings on the outskirts of the land, organized around a heart of open islet and offering hierarchical and landscaped sub-spaces.
    In a second phase, it seemed necessary to propose a typology consistent with the foreseeable development of the neighborhood. The massing and layout of the buildings on Jules Guesdes Boulevard and Rue des Rabières offer some permeability on the interior of the islet. The buildings on the new road are on the scale of the future urban project «the plan». All the facades are a vector of communication and help to create urban atmospheres conducive to the animation of the neighborhood.

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    2016 – Construction of a 650-pupil secondary school with catering, staff accommodation and a gymnasium
    6 631 m2
    12,5 M€HT
    Delivered in 2016
    Maîtrise d’ouvrage
    Val de Marne Departmental Council
    Epicuria Architectes, associated / AAM, lead architect
    Bureaux d’études
    CET / EGC / SLH
    Profil environnemental
    HQE “NF Bâtiment tertiaire” certified
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