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  • Epicuria Architectes
    Vulbens (74)

    Vuache middle school

    Perennial by its form, its materials and its constructive system, this new middle school blends into its context. This hybrid building, between the hall and the landscape, is perfectly functional and scalable over time.

    Located in the suburbs, at the interface of two municipalities, the middle school borders at the same time an area of in between city commercial activity and natural spaces, creek and riparian forest. This new equipment will harmonize these dissonant elements through its timeless massing, which refers to the large warehouses, as well as the agricultural buildings of the region.
    Its brown-red color, reminiscent of the tile roofs of the region will allow its insertion in the panorama. Its zinc envelope will guarantee the durability of the facade, as well as its recyclability. The structural system of the building, in wood frames, solid wood floors and insulation from the wood industry, minimizes its ecological footprint.

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    2019 – Construction of a middle school for 700 pupils, with ULIS facilities and a sports hall
    10 042 m2
    18,5 M€HT
    Winning in 2019 – Under construction
    Project management
    Departmental Council of Haute-Savoie
    Epicuria Architectes
    In separate parts
    Label E+C-, level E4C1
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