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    Arpajon (91)

    René Cassin high school

    Created by Claude Parent, our intervention for the restructuring and extension of the high school was above all to work to preserve the strong signature of Parent. Concrete, vertical blades, light and transparency have allowed us to create dialogs between the construction periods.

    Located on the edge of a half-residential area, half-country-side area, this high school created by Claude Parent stands out by his modular construction method and by an inclined cube-shaped sculpture, in concrete, originally placed in the heart of a large forecourt serving as access. The extension-restructuring project aims to preserve this strong signature. Thus, the existing buildings, with their specific ornamental elements, have been preserved, while the sculpture, a unifying landmark, is now enclosed in the centre of the reception hall. To redefine the complex, the bias was to set, along the main street, a wide facade topped by an inclined plane and punctuated by vertical blades – all concrete, in reference to the language of Parent. The organization of interior spaces is based on transparencies and fluidized circulation.

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    2013 – Restructuring and extension of a high school with 1,150 students
    14 563 m2
    21,5 M€HT
    Delivered in 2013
    Project management
    Regional Council of Ile-de-France
    Epicuria Architectes, lead architect / AAM, associated architect
    CET Ingénierie / EGC
    In separate parts
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