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    Lycée International

    The Lycée International is a unique public institution. More than a high school, it is a complete school city with 2,300 students from all over the world, from kindergarten to high school.

    The Saint-Germain-en-Laye Lycée International aims, since its origins, to provide high quality education. This school complex trains students from kindergarten to high school who will tomorrow integrate higher education institutions that aim at the standards of the international standard.
    In this context, the challenge is to allow the school city to offer upstream teaching using the same advanced teaching practices. True to its original mission, the school is concerned to raise students’ awareness of international citizenship and to offer a diverse learning of languages. Understanding international issues and enriching each other’s cultural differences must enable students to build up as future citizens open to the world and capable of mobility.
    This competition is the opportunity to propose a functional organization more consistent with the quality of the education provided and the richness of the means and activities proposed. In terms of image and communication, the architecture and landscaping of this large school city promotes a new perception, closer to its content and its openness to the outside world.

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    2020 – Design and build – Restructuring and extension of a school complex for 2,300 pupils, from nursery to high school, renovation of the Agora building and construction of a gymnasium
    33,664 m2 of which 14,663 m2 restructured and 19,001 m2 new
    41,8 M€HT
    Delivered in 2020
    Project management
    Yvelines Departmental Council
    Epicuria Architectes, lead architect / AAM, associated architect
    Design and build project with BATEG, leader of the consortium
    Environmental profile
    HQE approach without certification objective
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