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    Alexandre Denis high school

    Historical aviation trades high school, created in 1972, the successive renovations had brought many malfunctions. Our aim was to rationalize the site by preserving and enhancing its plant heritage.

    The high school is located a steeply-sloped site, on which are established old and scattered buildings. The poorly identified accesses and the lack of connection between the buildings have created many malfunctions.
    We used the slope to our advantage, by laying the buildings on three successive plateaus, which adapt to the slope of the land. This arrangement restores a centrality to the entire site that is reorganized around the central plateau.
    This location also allows to offer the best possible sunshine for the buildings taking advantage of the orientation of the slope to the south. The main building is positioned on an east-west axis, so that all the teaching premises benefit from a north-south orientation.
    We also sought a common language with existing or future buildings to constitute a harmonious whole by the massing, the ornamental elements and the choice of materials.
    We preferred stainless steel, stamped concrete and wood. Stainless steel evokes the aeronautical training provided by the high school. The stamped concrete is a modern evocation of the stone walls that close the high school and the surrounding wooded areas. As for wood, it resonates with the facades of the boarding house.

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    2015 – Restructuring and extension of a high school with 1,180 students
    18 062 m2
    23,4 M€HT
    Winner in 2015 – Under construction, phased operation
    Project management
    Regional Council of Ile-de-France / Essonne Aménagement
    Epicuria Architectes, associated / AAM, lead architect
    CET Ingénierie
    In separate parts
    Environmental profile
    HQE “NF Bâtiment tertiaire” certified
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