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    Baguer Institute

    The Baguer Institute offers deaf and hard-of-hearing students an educational institution suitable for all ages from kindergarten to high school. Public and friendly building, its design, its volume and its functional organization offer the best conditions for access to education and autonomy.

    As we approached the Baguer Institute’s reconstruction program, we thought the challenge was to provide a functional, user-friendly building for a heterogeneous student population of very young children, adolescents and young adults. At each age, specific activities and very different needs.
    However, gradually emerged the certainty that deafness is not one but multiple and that the very diverse activities taking place there are as many pedagogical responses adapted to very diverse situations or sometimes left to the choice of families. The common objective, however, is quite unique: the new school must enable all pupils of different ages and backgrounds to acquire the greatest autonomy
    By its design, its massing, its functional organization, the building will offer the best conditions for access to the tools of a modern teaching… while allowing the students to acquire the certainty of belonging to a community, to an original culture, so much is it true that the conquest of autonomy also passes, and perhaps above all, through self-knowledge.

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    2006 – Construction of an educational building for hearing impaired children, 300 students from kindergarten to secondary school
    6 500 m2
    8,5 M€HT
    Delivered in 2006
    Project management
    Institut Baguer / SEM 92
    Epicuria Architectes, lead architect / AAM, associated architect
    LC Consultants / CODIBAT
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